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15 to 17 July 2012: Course of the Meeting Room Reef Bidong, FMSM accompanied by five members and three facilitators. Facilitators, Dr. Ahmad Fitriadhy, En. Anuar Abu Bakar and En. Shamsul Affendy Azmi was attended by foreign participants and the department.
The objective of this course has been successfully achieved and has attracted several participants from the outside. The objectives of this course include:
• Participant can design ship use maxsurf software and analyze use hydromax and hullspeed to whole body ship.
• Participant can apply maxsurf software in shipyard respectively especially for tender bid projects construction ship.

List of participants:
 En Nuzlan (Mset. Gong Badak)
 En. Syahrizam Adam (Mset. Pulau Kambing)
 En.Mohd Amran Yunus (Mset. Pulau Kambing)
 En. Zulkifly Mohamed Adnan (JTM, FMSM)
 En. Ahmad Faizal Ahmad Fuad (JSNPM, FMSM)
Finally, the course is proposed in the future as annual activities by many promotions to get many participants. The course received good feedback from the participants inside and outside.


18,19,20 & 21 March 2012: A total of 43 students from year 2 has joined the program organized by Kelab Teknologi Maritim UMT (MAX-G) Session 2011/2012, PROGRAM KHAZANAH ILMU TANAH SELATAN and accompanied by three officers. The program has visited five of the institutional and industrial. There are Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor Port (PTP) Johor, Langsat Port (TLP), Nanyang Technological University and Jurong Shipyard, Singapore.
The objective of the program to be achieved by the program director, Mohammad Nor Khasbi bin Jarkoni is to provide an initial overview of related subjects visit the area to be adapted in the future. In addition, the relationship between UMT and industry partners will be fostered and even more closely with the technology used to share. While running the program, participants were exposed to the background and history of the company being visited by a short briefing by representatives of their respective industries. In addition, in the long tour, the participants are also met with former students of maritime technology on duty at the Jurong Shipyard, Singapore as an engineer in charge for a new painting workshop for use by the workers who will prepare and cut or sheet metal components for the construction ship.
As a former student at UMT, they have provided advice on the direction of the students in the maritime field. Their career prospects involve the use of software such as Nupas, Tripon, Nestix and AutoCAD. This coincided with the subjects they have learned during their university studies and knowledge is applied in the field of their work.
In collaboration with the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science, Office of Student and Alumni Affairs (HEPA) and the Student Representative Council of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, this program was successfully implemented properly. The main objective of this program is to provide an initial overview of related subjects visit the area to be adapted in the future. The effectiveness and the achievement of the program, the participants and the secretariat of the program hope that this academic program can be implemented among the students as the world exposure with respect to employment and to help students achieve academic excellence.


06 MAC 2012: The Secretariat of Student Integrity Partners, Club Maritime Technology, Department of Maritime Technology was handled one program. KURSUS MOTIVASI KECEMERLANGAN DIRI held at the Auditorium INOS, UMT. Office of Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA) is aimed to obtaining the support of the Students’ Representative Council of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (MPPUMT) and approval from the Division of Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu to carry Motivation Personal Excellence course.
In addition, this program aims to ensure that program planning session 2011/2012 can be implemented in achieving the objectives of the Programme Management Exco SRIMUMT planning session 2011/2012 and Club Maritime Technology (Max-G).
The objectives of this program are:
• Sensitizing students about the importance of excellence in academic performance
• To teaching the correct techniques to improve themselves to achieve excellence
• Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of self through motivational sessions will be conducted. Proper time management and learn the appropriate techniques of the approach to be obtained.
• Students will be motivated to be disciplined, timely in lectures.
This program began at 10.00 am with breakfast. Further, the slot lecture by En. Mohd. Hafizdi bin Che Md. Akhir (Penolong Kanan Pengarah Sektor Sosio-Budaya, Institut Integriti Malaysia).
The program continues at 2.00 pm with the second slot after break. The program was ended exactly at 4.30 pm. Closing ceremony was conduct by Dr. Ahmad Faisal Muhammad Ayob, Maritime Technology Lecturer and present gifts from the UMT to the speakers and the department.


7 -12 November 2011: A total of 23 students from Bachelor of Applied Science in Maritime Technology were selected interviews joining five day visit to several shipyards and maritime institutions in Surabaya;
• Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS),
• Universiti Hang Tuah (UHT)
• National Ship Design and Engineering Center (NASDEC) &
• Indonesia Hydrodynamic Laboratory (IHL)
• Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya (PPNS)
• Lawatan ke Monumen Kapal Selam Surabaya (Monkasel)
• Pelabuhan Indonesia III (PELINDO III)
• PT Dok & Perkapalan Surabaya (PERSERO)
• PT Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard
The visit was accompanied by two academic staff, Assoc. Associate. Prof. Madya. Dr. Wan Mohd Norsani bin Wan Nik and Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Fadhli bin Ahmad from Department of Maritime Technology. The purpose of this visit is to expose undergraduate students about technology developments with the international shipping industry, through education in general and maritime areas. Besides, students can pioneer new technologies and management systems used at the port and shipyard.



8 to 10 October 2011: The workshop is run by staff and held for three days during which it conducted in MK7 and JTM Laboratory from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm for three days. The invited speakers, Prof. Mohd Jain Noordin Mohd Kassim , lecturer and researcher with extensive experience in the field of marine corrosion. His extensive experience allows him to get appointed as a consultant of multinational companies and government institutions. 70% of this program related to the subject of marine corrosion offered by department. As the speaker has vast experience in this field, it is appropriate for students explore and exploit knowledge from the speaker. There were thirteen modules that are taught during the workshop. The course was also attended by students and staff also FST lecturers and invited lecturers who are interested in conducting research in the field of corrosion. The attendances of student are impressing where the student can learn and understand the subject more effectively about corrosion. Last day, the chairman of this workshop, Prof Madya Dr. Wan Norsani Wan Nik give the consolation to the speaker, Prof. Mohd Jain Noordin Mohd Kassim.



October 3, 2011 (Sunday) – Department of Maritime Technology successfully held a one day workshop at the Auditorium PSNZ. A total of 173 students attended this workshop consists of SMSG Maritime Technology program (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4) and Year 3 students Nautical Science and Maritime Transport (Year 3) including 20 staff FMSM. Also present two staff of the Foreign Organization of Mset Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.. Workshop was conducted by Major ® Dr.J Prebagaran a / l Jayaraman who is professional practitioners in the field of Project Management from the Naval Shipyard Boestead Lumut. This program aims to give students to become Project Manager Dynamic and Excellent. Throughout the program students are exposed to an effective strategy in the project management aspect of shipbuilding (Monitoring and Control the project) and the challenges that traveled to the ship until the completion of construction management. The session ended at 5.00 pm in the souvenir presented by the Head of department Maritime Technology Assoc. Associate. Dr. Mohammad FadhliBin Ahmad accompanied by the Deputy Dean (Student Affairs) Assoc. Associate. Prof. Madya. Dr Wan Mohd Norsani Bin Wan Nik.

October 4, 2011 (Monday)- Session discussions with the staff of Department of Maritime Technology with Major ® Dr.J Prebagaran a / l Jayaraman held in Meeting Room Bidong starts at 8.30 am. At first session was presented by the Head of Maritime Technology SMSG program. The recommendations about the additional subjects, Integrated Management System and Operation Management System in the programs made by Major ® Dr.J Prebagaran a / l Jayaraman. This is because of a high view of the need of the industry not only in the shipbuilding industry but also the entire industry as providing the graduates to become a dynamic manager. Integrated Management System was combineswith the critical components to simplify the management and operation of a project. The components are Quality (QMS), environmental (EMS), and Safety (OHSMS). Operation Management System provides an effective technique to produce a clear vision of the manager to manage a project. The program ended at 11.30 a.m.


September 16, 2011-Day of Jalinan Mesra event between students and staff of the Department Maritime Technology was successfully held in which the main objective is to introduce new students with their senior and staff and to improve relations amongst them. A total of 53 new students have registered to follow study in Bachelor of Applied Science Maritime Technology. Program ceremony officiated by Chief of Department Maritime Technology Assoc. Prof Dr. Fadli Mohammad Bin Ahmad in Auditorium Mahyuddin FPE. The starts with the new student introducing their self to the senior and staff. Then, students were separated into the group and their mentor. A task for mentor is brief to the new students to increase their interest and determination to continue in the underlying studies and the student listened to all of the problems faced by refining the solution. The role of mentor serves as a parent or a student counselor at the University and may lead, advice, guide students to get the help not only academic but also personal problems. The afternoon session is sport /recreation at the beach where the students are divided according to UMT group (years of study).

The “Tarik Tali” game was won by new students (first year). Beach football won by third year students and beach volleyball was won by year 4. This activity is intended to foster a spirit of cooperation within the group. The event ended at 6.30petang and prize giving to the winners by Akadamik Support Staff.


August 5, 2011-2 days Inhouse Boilerman Training successfully organized by Department of Maritime Technology which held in the Maritime Technology Lab. 12 staffs participated in this course consist of Department Of Maritime Technology staffs, Department of Nautical Studies and Transport and Boat Management Unit. Honourable speaker from YTL Corp. Berhad one of the largest sells power companies listed on the Bursa Malaysia Md Zaki Mohd Nor handle this 2 day workshop. The participants were exposed on theory and little practical on running the boiler before facing the oral exam from DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health). At the end the participants will get the license of Grade 2 Boilerman recognized by DOSH qualified to running the boiler especially on board ship.Workshop On Engine room simulator



April 12-13, 2011- Two days Workshop on Engine Room Simulator was held at University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (UniKL MIMET) Lumut and participated by three staff of JTM Dr Fadhli B Mohammad, Assoc Prof Dr Khalid B Samo and Mr Zulkifly Adnan. The others  participants are from Marine Department, Royal Malaysian Navy, UniKL MIMET, ALAM, PUO, Sarawak Maritime Academy, Tanjung Kapal Services, Boustead Naval Shipyard and Grade One Marine Shipyard. During the workshop, a renowned speaker at International Conference on Engine Room Simulators, Prof. Dr. Leonard Tomczak from Gdynia Maritime University presented papers on the latest developments in the application of the 3-D Engine Room Simulator and emergency procedures training. Speakers from Polytechnic Ungku Omar, Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) and Sarawak Maritime Academy presented their engine room simulator training conducted at their institutions to share their knowledge and experience in application of engine room simulators. This workshop had enhanced participants’ understanding of the latest requirements of STCW 2010 Manila Amendments pertaining to engine room simulator training. This first workshop on engine room simulators held in Malaysia served as a good platform for engine room simulator trainers or institutions to exchange ideas and share their resources for the advancement of maritime training in Malaysia. Furthermore, it also encouraged co-operation amongst trainers and industry players to explore the use of engine room simulators for R&D application in Malaysia.

Visit from Kolej Matrikulasi Teknikal Pahang August

5,2010: UMT was received MOU paper work from Kolej Matrikulasi Teknikal Pahang (KMTP) regarding on education work in term of laboratory and research activities of mutual interest. An MOU meeting was held on Dewan Senat Aras 3, Bangunan Canselori University Malaysia Terengganu attended by the Deans of all Faculties and Deputy Vice Chancellor UMT Prof. Dr .Noor Azhar Mohamed Shazili. In the evening, the KMTP Staffs came to our laboratory for visiting and simply briefing given by head of laboratory regarding of facilities and machine exhibition.

Visit from Sek Men Agama Fallahiah Besut Terengganu

July 29,2010: Our laboratory was visited by 38 secondary school students from Sek Men Agama Falahiah Besut, Terengganu which were accompanied by 4 teachers. The purposed of visiting is to give exposure amongst the students on the current activities, facilities, technologies and programs and to attract them pursuing study especially in our establish course.

SBS program between students and Academic Staff

July 23, 2010: Mentor-mentee Programme was conducted which is compulsory for all batch Technology Maritime students. The main objectives of this programme are to introduce the new 45 first year students and secondly to assist, advice and gave moral support in academic. The students were divided into groups under mentor supervise. The mentors will monitor students result for the whole semesters and advised them in term of study planning in class, take note techniques, examination preparation techniques, and examination answer techniques.

Scuba Diving Course

Jun 10-14,2010: Our department has successfully organized a Diving Course at Pusat Penyelidikan UMT at Pulau Bidong. The course was participated by all academic and non academic staffs. The course objectives are to train them skills in swimming, snorkeling and diving techniques in open water below 40meter and gain Naui license award at the end of this course. A specialist trainer was invited to conduct this training in 4 days assisted by 3 Diver Assistant. All participants were excellent pass on this practical exam and each one of them were awarded by Naui Diving License.

JTM Student Recognized by The Professional Body

October 9, 2010: at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur the first batch of JTM graduate Mohd Fathorani bin Abdul Rahim, Bachelor of Applied Science (Maritime Technology), FMSM UMT received an Academic Excellence Award given by Malaysian joint branch of “Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA)” and “INSTITUTE OF MARINE ENGINEERING, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (IMarEST)”. This award is an annual event of RINA-IMarEST in conjunction with an annual dinner attended by honorable guest Chief of Navy Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar and more than 540 maritime industry players in Malaysia. The winners of this award are selected based upon excellent academic achievement during their studies in higher education institution. Mohd Fathorani also an award-winning for the Best Research Project in Maritime Technology Department, FMSM recently with his research entitled “Catamaran Ferry Passenger within 15 Speed 12 knots, 20 Miles Route Calculation Resistance and Power Prediction”. Recipients of this RINA – IMarEST award received a certificate and a Cheque as well as a 1-year free membership and subscription to RINA – IMarEST magazines. Apart from UMT student, there are also students from other institutions such as Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) and Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM) received the outstanding award.

Seminar”GLOBALISATION OF MARITIME INDUSTRY: Role of Malaysia as Maritime Nation

February 8, 2011-A half day seminar  was held at Auditorium FPE by Prof Adjung 1st Admiral  Dato’ Ir Hj Ahmad Bin Murad as Chairman of Omahams Corporation Sdn Bhd. The participants are the group of all Maritime Technology Students and a part of the lectures. The aim of the seminar is to expose the student the challenge of the work in the maritime industry and the role of Malaysia as a maritime nation.

The Challenges Facing The Maritime Industry-The Key to Success

February 13, 2011-A Seminar was held at Auditorium PSNZ by the Mr Trevor Blakeley, Chief Executive The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, United Kingdom. The participant  consists of all JTM students and lectures.  At the end the participants gain a personal view on the challenges which the maritime industry will face in the future and the ways in which it might respond to them. It will also look at how the Royal Institution of Naval Architects is helping the maritime industry and University to respond to the challenges of the future.


Industrial Training Talk

February 21, 2011-Industrial Training seminar was conducted by Amanda Chen Man Dee, 2nd batch student of maritime technology. The student share her experience knowledge of the three month industrial Training in Fremantle Ports Australia especially regarding on port activity (MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) Vessel Traffic  System, Ship simulator Queuing theory, Pilot boat transfers, Safety Response Training Channel Plan). At the end of the session the junior student gain a view on preparation before undergoing the training and select the suitable field interested.


Ship Underwater Hull Protection

February 24, 2011-Monthly Department seminar was held conducted by Ir Ferry Mannuhuthu. The presentation had given a view on  Corrosion and fouling at underwater part of the ship. The seminar is open to all Umt staff and successfully participated by all JTM staff and Unit Pengurusan Kapal Staff